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Discussion Can someone tell me where I can get a cheap jtag I would prefer a Xenon?

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Yes I would like to buy a Jtagged xbox 360 but everywhere I look is to pricey for my broke ***, so I would like some places or people I can buy a cheap Jtag from I dont care if its console only, but I would like it to be xenon because ive noticed they are much cheaper which is obvious because how old the model is. Although I might if worse comes to worse buy a older non-jtagged xenon console and Jtag it myself, I know how to jtag the console the older way with taking apart a printer cord and attaching it to console therefore creating a NAND tranferring cable, but it seems that method is outdated with the release of the USB compatibility to the xbox 360 and I know you can pretty much install everything to your jtag now with a flashdrive, so if I end up needing to Jtag a console myself a nice tutorial for me would be much appreciated.


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Check here... You may be able to find one for as little as 99$
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