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Unsolved Can someone help me with my tools?



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For some reason I am unable to connect my tools to my rgh. I have already tried resetting all my plugins, switching them out in different orders, finding new plugins... dll's..... Resetting firewall and disabling it, nothing seems to resolve the problem. I can connect to neighborhood but just not the tools. I have a hunch that it is because I started switching out connections from my home wifi to my hotspot everytime my home connection would go out but I dont know. Can someone please help me fix it? If you have teamviewer or skype I am more than willing to let you see or control my laptop to fix it. My plugin order is XboxLiveLogon, xbdm, XRPC, JRPC, RPC. Not sure what the dates of the updated plugins are but I tried everything. I am on Dashlaunch 3.12 and here is the error code from the tool.

I have tried using every tool I have and still nothing. I hate when people always say to make sure you have rpc, xrpc, jrpc.dll in the same folder blah blah blah. I have honestly tried everything. Will someone please help me?

My skype: xe.zentrak
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