Can some one help me with my problem plz

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    ok so i had read all these diffarent tuts on creating a halo 2 racetrack so i thought i could use these tuts to make a cool halo 2 map so after about an hour of work i save the changes sign it and ftp it but when i try to load it the map will fail to load or it will load but stay on a black screen please someone help me:?

    for anyone wondering im using

    Insolence v1

    entity alpha 1

    i copy the last boss platform from the last level and the bridge from deltahalo into coagulation

    i go into the itmc tag in entity copy the plasma pistol twice

    the i swap plasma pistol (1) with the bridge And plasma pistol (2) with the boss platform

    then i went to the scnr tag clicked on coagulation (unhandeld exception appears and does nothing ) i then Cloned chunk the tag thing with the numbers 288 next to it (another unhandeld exception appears)

    i swap most weapon tags with plasma pistol (1)/(2)

    i go to the sbsp tag go to the raw editor thing place my items in great places

    save changes

    sign map

    ftp it

    Fails to load or crashes with a black screen

    i signed it and it still wont work

    ( I even opend the map with dothalo and fixed encription...It didnt help)

    Please some one help me or give me a guide to create maps like the killtrocity v2 maps

    i have 2 videos to show what happens when i try to make a map

    [ame=""]first video[/ame]

    [ame=""]second video[/ame]

    please if some one can help me i will be very gratefull

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