Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?

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    Okay i follow Nubble's tut on how to bridge. I have my xbox wired to my computer (using this) and my computer wired to my router. These two connections are bridged. I'm using Windows Vista. Instead of finding my friends' IPs his way i just get them to go to and tell me them (is this okay?). I've tried this in wingman with one friend and elimination with 4 friends and i had all of their IPs. I start matchmaking with internet zone security on high and when i see the second checkmark i turn the Internet Zone Security on medium after 10 seconds. I'm new to this so if im doing something stupid dont make fun of Here are pictures of my settings...

    Pic 1
    (and no MY IP and FRIEND's IP aren't really

    Pic 2

    If you need to know anything just ask and thanks...

    nvm i used someone else's guide and got it to work

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