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Unsolved Can anybody mod the single player on pc?

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I’ve always been fascinated with CoD4 bouncing and found 007: Quantum of Solace a while back. Long story short, I made 2 bounce videos on the game. One on campaign, one on multiplayer. In terms of reg bounces, I’ve pretty much played the game out. Got the disc for PC, and was disappointed to know I couldn’t use console commands and I can’t find any existing mods for it. All I was looking for was a menu for noclip and save/load position. A simple codjumper style thing for the pc guys. I’m planning on making a #3 in the quantum bounce vid series with impossible bounces on the pc campaign. I would be willing to pay if needed, but I want to noclip onto skybarriers and other things to strafe at possible big boy bounces. Thank you all in advance.

Menus with what I’d like + more (but I only really need noclip tbh)

Cabooze (I know it’s Xbox, I don’t have an rgh) also, he deleted his videos RIP soldier, wishing you well in life.

Febiven Nautilus GSC Menu
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