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    Attention soldiers,

    This is a call out bulletin for anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

    You may not know this, but every move, every shot, every death, and every kill you make while playing Call of Duty: WaW is being tracked and stored on our site. Now, before you go and cry ??Big Brother,?? you should know that we??re doing this to help you. All of these stats and records are organized and displayed on our website in the form of Dossier files and we encourage you to take the time to check out this amazing feature.

    The first step to compiling a Dossier is to link your Call of Duty: WaW HQ account to your gamer ID; this can all be done in the Linking tab when editing your profile. Once activated, Dossiers may be viewed by clicking on the COD: WaW Dossier tab inside of User Profiles on the Call of Duty: WaW HQ site. Once open, a wealth of information awaits you. There are far too many stats and data provided to cover everything, so instead we??re going to focus on Weapon Usage, the Killshot Heatmap, Killshot Bodymap, and Compare Stats.

    Weapon UsageStats on Weapon Usage can be vital to improving your game. You might think that you are wildly inaccurate with the Thompson or MP40, but when you see a high kill count next to the gun, you might not care anymore. Studying Weapon Usage can expose both your skills and weaknesses with certain guns. Take the time to identify what guns you are struggling with and work to improve those skills. The most lethal type of soldier is always the one that can utilize a varied arsenal.

    Killshot HeatmapThe Killshot Heatmap can be viewed in Match Details and provides intel on the most frequent locations of where you and others have been killed on the map. Why is this important? This map gives you the locations of so called ??hot-spots?? on the battlefield, letting you know where others will be and most likely where you shouldn??t. When approaching ??hot-spots,?? it??s a good idea to stay on the outside perimeters; therefore you can be the one picking off enemy soldiers traveling through the more treacherous pathways.

    Killshot BodymapLike the Killshot Heatmap, the Killshot Bodymap shows ??hot-spots,?? but these ??hot-spots?? are of a completely different nature. The Killshot Bodymap shows you where your bullets are landing on the enemy and can help you fine-tune your accuracy. If your Killshot Bodymap??s legs are lit up like the Vegas strip, than it may be time to practice your aiming. A great Killshot Bodymap should have a red emblazoned chest with a slightly rosy head. However, the ideal Bodymap may change depending on the weapon. With a sniper rifle you??ll want to see more concentration on the head where as with an MG, leg and arm shots are not great, but more acceptable.

    Compare StatsLastly, all soldiers should check out the Compare Stats section and visit the profiles of other players as well. Stats mean nothing if you can??t brag about them and with Compare Stats you can see your statistics side-by-side your friend??s to prove which soldier is the top gunner.

    We??ve now come to the end of our tour regarding the Dossier feature, but you should know that we have only skimmed the surface of what it has to offer. We can??t recommend enough that all soldiers link up their profiles and dive head first into this feature. We strongly believe that everyone will discover something to appreciate.

    Let us know what you find in the comments below!

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    Good thing or bad thing to the modding community?

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