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Discussion Call of Duty nostalgia thread


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I'll start.

I miss the eeriness of BLOPs 1. These days, you don't get any emotion or feeling from the new cods. It's just "yay, I got a kill" or "nooo, I died". The multiplayer menu music for blops 1 used to have me on edge so much before I'd even joined a match.

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I miss the Predator Missile. That thing was savage even without Danger Close. The subsequent iterations of it like the Hellstorm Missile and Valkyrie Rockets were just meh to say the least. Also miss the ACR from MW2/MW3 that was a gun to be feared and I think it's only rival in any CoD was the M16 from CoD4.

And if the AC-130 from MW2 and Gunship from BO4 were both MMA fighters then one from BO4 would be KO'd before the end of Round 1. It just feels they have dumbed the game right down...
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