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Solved Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mega Support Thread


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The purpose of this is to eliminate multiple threads asking the same questions over and over again, all while keeping relevant support information in one central hub. This thread will be divided into many different sections relating to Black Ops 3, and will aim to answer as many questions as possible. Feel free to post in this section with additions you think I should add. If you do not see the question you want answered, ask in the Support section and not in this thread!

NOTE: Contacting Activison Support is a viable option in many cases. I ask you to please consider that path before you post a thread about something only they can help you fix. You can do that here.


Q: What is the fastest way to level up?

A: Focusing on the objective (OBJ). Black Ops 3 benefits OBJ players more than it benefits slayers in many cases. This means you should take full advantage of planting bombs, capping flags, and escorting safeguard robots. Of course, you may just want to try and kill at the same time to maximize your potential.

Q: What will I lose after I prestige? What will I not lose?

A: Nothing will be lost, except for the weapons/specialists that require you to be a certain level to use them. Your weapon levels, camo progress, specialist progress, calling card progress, and all that good stuff is safe.

Q: What will happen if I reset myself (aka. Fresh Start)?

A: "Fresh Start will completely reset all progress including Prestige, all Combat Record stats, all Create a Class items, Specialists, Scorestreaks, Calling Cards, Camos, Specialist Customization, everything. You will start from Level 1 as though you never played Public Match. Once this is done, it cannot be reversed."

Q: How do I unlock the Loyalty Program Personalization Pack (True Vet Camo, Calling Card, and Reticles)?

A: Unfortunately, it is no longer unlockable. You would of had to of done the required steps by 11/5/15 to be eligible. If you are curious about the pack, you can go here.

Q: Where can I find all of the Dark Ops Challenges?

A: Here: http://www.gamepur.com/guide/21139-list-all-dark-ops-challenges-call-duty-black-ops-iii.html

Q: How does one boost in Black Ops 3?

A: Just as you would in any other Call of Duty really. You + 3 other friends all acquire second controllers with Guest/Dummy accounts. One person and their guest account joins a lobby and immediately invites all the friends to the lobby. If correctly done, the lobby will be full of your friends and their guests only. There are ways to lock the lobby allowing more time to get your friends in, but I am not caught up on how to do that. You would have a second controller with a guest account, and you and your boosting teammates all kill each other's guests. That would be for K/D stats. Also, you can trade Domination captures back and forth, or bomb plants/defuses in Demolition. SPM boosting. If no extra controllers are available for guest accounts, then you trade kills with each other. Not the best for wanting to boost K/D though.

Q: Looking to improve your K/D ratio in Black Ops 3?

A: Look no further than TheTeddyBears thread here:

Q: What is the best way to get headshots?

A: In my opinion, Hardcore is the way to go. Use the High Caliber attachment whenever you can for one bullet headshots, and sneak around the map to flank for easier aiming without having to dodge bullets too. Hardcore domination is where I find it the easiest, averaging 15 headshots a game depending on the weapon. Also, note that this game has a certain flinch pattern to it. When you are in gunfights, sometimes it is best to aim mid body and let the flinch take your shots to their head.

Q: Why are my paintjob and emblem creation editors blocked?

A: One reason would be that you might have your user generated content filter disabled. To enable, first get yourself into a lobby (not searching for a game). Then hit Options (PS4) or Start (XB1) to access the Menu. Navigate to the "Options" tab > Content Filter > Enable "User Generated Content". If that still does not fix the problem, the contacting Activision Support is the next best bet.

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Head over to the Network settings on your console (XB1/PS4). Regardless of what you play on, most of these terms are universally applicable. PC will differ in location of these terms and fixes for them. For reference, I will be using the Xbox One Network settings to detail the terms. As for the terms themselves, we have Download speed, Upload speed, Packet loss, MTU, Latency, Wireless Strength, and NAT Type.

Download/Upload speed: These numbers determine the speed at which packets of information travel between both upstreams and downstreams of the server you are connected to. Naturally, the higher these numbers, the better. For online gaming, it is recommended to have at least a Download speed of 3 MB/s or 3,000 KB/s, and Upload speed of 0.5 MB/s or 500 KB/s for the best experience according to Microsoft. In translation, that would be around a 24 Mbps Download and a 4 Mbps Upload seeing as that is usually how speeds are displayed for gaming in my experience.

Packet Loss: This is when a(n) packet(s) do not arrive at the destination they are traveling to. The bigger the percent of packet loss you have, the worse your connection experience will be. You will often experience "rubberbanding" and "skipping" of sorts when playing. This is when you take steps forward, and lag back to a previous position, or completely random position. The goal here is to have 0% packet loss.

MTU: I am not sure what this really is, but it is recommended you do not have lower than 1384 as the value. If yo do, steps can be taken to resolve this in the next sub-section.

Latency: This is the time it takes for a packet to be sent to one destination host to another. Measured in milliseconds (ms), the higher the number, the more delay you may notice in game. Getting shot around corners, bullets not registering, etc. Often associated with rubberbanding and lag related to that as well.

Wireless Strength: This is simply how strong, or not so strong, your connection is between the system you play BO3 on, and your router/modem. If you play with a wired connection (recommended), your strength should be extremely high. If wireless, that all depends on how far your Xbox is from the router/modem. Things like walls and their material composition, metal objects, other signals, etc. can obstruct a signal.

NAT Type: Simply put, the Network Address Translation (NAT) Type is what allows your computer/console to connect with others over the internet (or other location).
There are 3 types: Open/Moderate/Closed. Open obviously being the best, offers the best connection to others. This setting can be changed, although sometimes difficult. Refer to the Resolving & Optimizing sub-section to learn how to alter your NAT Type.

Who exactly can you connect to with your NAT Type?


First and foremost, many things can automatically fix themselves just by doing a simple reset of your router. To do this, unplug the power cord from your router for 30 seconds, and plug it back in. Allow for a full reset, and either perform a speed/connection test either on your computer or your console. Make sure you know what speeds you pay for from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to identify if the speeds you see in the results are normal. Typically, wired connections will offer close to the max download and upload speeds you can get for what you are paying for. Wireless is usually around half that, gradually getting smaller the farther you are away from your router.

If that simple reset fails, you can try a factory reset as well. Though you must know that any settings you changed in the router will be gone after this. To perform a factory reset, there should be a small reset button on the router. You will need to stick a pin or a pencil tip into the hole to push it. It depends on your router how long you hold, but generally 10 seconds will suffice. After that, make sure it boots back up properly and perform another speed/connection test.

If that fails, then a chat or call with your ISP or Xbox Support should help you fix your issues.


How to change your NAT Type:

Disclaimer: Placing your console's IP into the DMZ is a faster option, but is not a safe option!

Head over to portforward.com and select from the list what you are trying to accomplish. In this specific guide though, I will be going over how to port forward for gaming consoles.

Before we get into the forward process, it is important to ensure your console has a Static IP address. What this means is that the IP address assigned to the console will not change, as apposed to Dynamic and the IP being auto-assigned. We want to make sure the IP we forward the ports to stays constant. You can read about doing that on portforward as well within the list. The process for doing this differs a bit for each router, so you may need to carefully search through to find those settings. If you need help with this, create a support thread and tag me. I will be happy to help!

Now, let's move on to port forwarding. Select your console and continue.

The first step is to determine the manufacturer and model of your router/modem. All you need to do is look onto the back/bottom of your device for this. Once determined, select the manufacturer from the list, and then the model No. It will then take you to a page displaying exactly how to port forward for your given router's/modem's GUI. In order to access those screens yourself though, you need to learn what the internal IP address is of your router/modem, as well as the username and password for the router's internal IP page.

NOTE: This can also be referred to as your Default Gateway. You can find your internal IP using the command prompt and typing "ipconfig" without the quotes. Or, follow the guide linked here: Find your router's IP address

Once you are successfully in, use the page of your specific router to navigate to where your port forward settings are located. Here are the ports for each console...

If you are on Xbox One, the ports you need to forward to your consoles IP address are 53, 80, 88, 500, 3074, 3075 (BO3 specific port), 3544, and 4500.

If you are on PS4, the ports you need to forward to your consoles IP address are 80, 443, 1935, 3075, and 3478 through 3480.

If you are on Xbox 360, the ports you need to forward to your consoles IP address are 53, 80, 88, 1863, 3074, and 3075.

If you are on PS3, the ports you need to forward to your consoles IP address are 80, 443, 465, 983, 1935, 3075, 3478-3480, 3658, 5223, and 10070-10080.

Follow the guides their for your specific router/modem. Once all the forwards are correctly inputted, give both your router/modem and console a simple reset to ensure these changes go into effect.

This error can occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases, an update was deployed while you were playing. The error can also occur when there are general service interruptions. The fix is simply to press OK and continue on. If that does not work, quit the app and re-launch.

Want to know if the doing the latest glitch will get you into trouble? Received a ban and/or reset from something and don't know why? Visit this link: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Security and Enforcement Policy.

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This thread will always be in the works, and new information will be added all the time. Feel free to tag me, or a Call of Duty Diet, in your support thread question if you want help and do not see your problem here. Again, do not use this thread to post your questions. We have a whole section for that :wink: Thanks!
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If the servers are down, it will tell you the link to check on your console.


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If the servers are down, it will tell you the link to check on your console.
It's just I use to wonder if they were up or down when I use to get errors and always wondered if there was a page like this, so hopefully it helps others.
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