Call of Duty 4 PC. Who's game?

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    Ok, well I just started playing PC Games again, went out and bought COD4, COD5 for the PC, and i'm really enjoying it. Only thing I noticed was that their was a lack of good servers to play on. So I decided to start my own... Promised no lag (Unless it's on the client side for download your pr0nz!)


    I'm also looking for a cool server admin.... WHO ISN'T A *****! no i don't pay :tongue: deal with.

    Regardless I just want a nice quality game, so if you up for it, I'm probably either on testing some mods, or new features, or just waiting for some peeps to join!

    Theirs also a team speak for the smack talkers around here...


    and it's on port 8808

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