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Discussion Buy Red dead Redemption 2 PC for €33 on Rockstar Games (launcher & website)


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Hi I'm sorry is this thread come to late
but I don't want writing you about this news before trying it

HOW DO TO BUY THE Red dead Redemption 2 PC GAMES with Rockstar Games for €33 (or €47 for ultimate version) ?


  • VPN with Russia cover
  • A fresh email adress (with a rockstar games link)
  • (real) Money on your bank account

How to do
  1. Open or create you a new mail adress
  2. Open and use the VPN with Russian Location
  3. Create you a new Rockstar account located in Russia (and confirm the Rockstar Games confirmation mail)
  4. Go to the Rockstar Games Shop and chose your game version (Special ₽2,499.00 (€33) / Ultimate ₽3,299.00 (€47))
  5. Choose your real name bank ID but write a Russian location* and choose your payment process (Paypal or Paysafe Card, Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard))
  6. accept terms and validate your your purchase
  7. You done !
you will receive a confirmation from Rockstar on your actual credit address (the one linked to your bank) within minutes of your purchase
and now you can download

now you can download the game

* Russian location : Teatral'nyy Proyezd, 3 ctpoehne 4, Moscow (hotel adress find with google)

nb : I bought 2 red dead redemption 2 Ultimate accounts like that without any problem
(I never had a problem with games bought with a VPN (on Rockstar Games or video game publisher)

If you have any ask, don't hesitate I will answer you if I know
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hey there I just did that but without a new email :unsure: and it says to wait 48 hours. did I mess this up lol? I have a order number and my card has been charged but still in pending that is just how my card works.
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