Burnt PS3 Games?

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  1. Kyle1020

    Kyle1020 Premium Premium

    Is it possible to play burnt ps3 games?

  2. waffle11

    waffle11 Enthusiast

    No, and even if it was it wouldn't be terribly economical at this time anyway given that blu ray discs are extremely expensive and burners cost a lot too.

    PS3 modding is extremely limited if you can really do anything at this time.
  3. Monster Energy

    Monster Energy Enthusiast

    that is true but someone will find a way to do it..i know u can back them up i read on a different forum but they said there's no way to play them which doesn't make sense to me.. how can u back it up but it wont play?:?
  4. Genetic Paradox

    Genetic Paradox Enthusiast

    All about the licenses and encryption.
  5. scorpion

    scorpion Newbie

    I have a blue-ray burner, so i was wondering how i would copy PS3 games, is it as easy as copying 360 games?. If it is then i can easily do it. I dont have the blue-ray discs yet but im going to get them soon, I got my blue-ray burner for $44 and i get blue-ray discs for $3 each.
  6. Swaino

    Swaino Enthusiast

    You could probably copy the iso and make a backup, but it would be completely useless as you cant play back ups on the PS3 its just not possible yet, there isnt a firmware like the 360's that allows it.

    ITMASTER Newbie

    And it will be never for PS3 ))
  8. hentaibleach

    hentaibleach Newbie

    um are you talking about a firmware hack couse there is on for ps3
    and to play burned or imported ps3 games just buy a mod chip there like $30
    and heres a tut on how to play burned games it says ps2 but the same will work for ps3 isos you just need a big enuf flash drive
    How to copy PS2 or ps3 ISO's to a external USB/flash drive

    Method 1
    Download the USBAdvance Tutorial File Pack and extract the folder USB EXtreme to you desktop.
    Plug in your USB HDD (or Flash drive)
    Put a PS2 or ps3 game into your disc drive (if the game is already on your computer you can mount it with Alcohol 120)
    Open up the USB EXTREME tool on your compute.
    Select your Disc Drive the PS2 game is in, Media type (most are DVD's) and your USB/Flash drive.
    Now you can name the game and hit start.
    There you have it a properly copied game to your HDD, just pop it in your PS3 and follow step 8 from above.
    Method 2 (Easier Method)

    Download USButil
    Format your external drive/usb drive to FAT/FAT16/FAT32 format.
    In the download pack you downloaded there should be a folder called USBUtil, go inside that and run the EXE.
    Go to FILE and click on "OPEN ISO to create game".
    Search and click on your PS2 backup, and click CREATE.
    The program will now copy the ISO over to your pendrive (it takes some time).

    Q: Does this work on my 80gb PAL/NTSC/JAP System?
    A: This will work with any 80GB PS3 before and including the MGS bundle,this method will not work on Pal 80GB consoles.

    Q: Does this work on my 40gb PAL/NTSC/JAP System? And will it ever?
    A: No. No. No. No. No. No method has been released yet for these systems and unsure when in future.

    Q: Does this work on PAL PS3's?
    A: Yes

    Q: How do I know if my unit is a LAUNCH UNIT?
    A: Check model number on back of PS3, if it is a launch unit it will be one of the follow: CECHA, CECHB, CECHC, CECHD

    Q: Does this work on NTSC PS3's?
    A: Yes

    Q: What PS3's can use this method of PS3's?
    A: Basically USA and Japenese Launch Consoles (20/60gb) that contain the Emotion Engine (PS3 Models CECHA, CECHB, CECHC, CECHD),also 80GB models including the MGS4 bundle and before.

    Q: Will it work on a PS3 with no Emotion Engine?
    A: Yes it will work with those that use software Emulation.

    Q: Does this boot from PS3 internal HDD?
    A: No you need a external.

    Q: What version of SWAP MAGIC do I need?
    A: 3.6+ or 3.8

    Q: Where can I buy Swap Magic?
    A: Here and here.

    Q: Swap Magic cant see my USB for somereason
    A: It is probably not compatible, buy another one.
  9. C00LAR

    C00LAR Enthusiast

    wait what? you can do it now? i always thought that it would be impossible to run a copy because the disk drive itself is encrypted and noone can get to the 8th attached processor that oversees all of the menu and background operations
  10. Like 69 Gnomes

    Like 69 Gnomes Enthusiast

    You should give credit where you got that tut from
    Here is the original post, or at least the closest I found:
    Those are both for playing ps2 games on a ps3 console, but you said it would work for ps3 games? I will test if this actually works for ps3 games, as I think I have a blu-ray reader on my laptop, and will post back with results.

    If anyone else has a method for playing backed up ps3 games that definitely works, a link to a tut would be greatly appreciated :thumbup:

    Edit: I actually don't have a Blu-Ray reader on any of my computers, so I wont be able to test this one, unless one of my friends has one, which I doubt.

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