Building my friends list! (I use ZoneAlarm)

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  1. Lucidity Lou

    Lucidity Lou Enthusiast

    I need friends who like to boost a lot so when i need 2-3 extra people i will invite you and we can boost. On rare occasions i will do wingman with you. BTW don't invite me you your game and ask me if i would like to boost with you i will invite you and ask you.

    I don't really mind the invite all button though.

    My gamertag is iFerretZ.

    I will be mostly availabe Fri - Sun or when i have vacation from school.
  2. Nubble

    Nubble Getting There

    Hey, since you are currently looking for players to boost/play with, I recommend you see Official Boosting Thread. This thread is designed to help Sinners find fellow members to play with. In this thread you will find the times, dates, and gametypes that other members play. I suggest that you add your information as well.

    Please use correct format.

    You can repost the thread if you all willing to post in correct format.

    To view the correct format, see

    Thank you.

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