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Tutorial [Build Log] PSP Go: RedRover [W.I.P]

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PSP Go: RedRover
Hey guys, its BParadox here. I am a new member always looking forward to a challenge, both in hardware and software. This is my first project for Se7ensins and I hope it makes an impact upon the PSP Modding Community @ Se7enSins which has been dull for some time.

-I write my Build Logs like stories, adding pictures and witty humor along the way. I hope you enjoy my style of writing and possibly use it in your Build Logs as well!

Monday, January 16 2012:
I purchased a white PSP Go at my local gamestop last week for around 60USD + Tax. It is an awesome handheld system, and after playing with it for a while I questioned why Sony would discontinue such a cool little platform.

-Upgrading & CFW Endeavors: I soon upgraded it to the latest (and the last) OFW [Official Firmware] which is 6.60. With a little bit of tinkering on my end, it was soon upgraded to run the latest CFW [Unofficial/Custom Firmware] made by the PRO team called "Pro-B10. With my little Go running a CFW, I am good to go. It can now load ISO's [PSP Game Files] directly from the 16GB Memory and even run emulators for all of my favorite classic systems. While this may be neat, the software behind the RedRover project is only 1/2 of the battle. Next up is the hardware.

-The PSP Go Hardware For Modders: I have been modding since I received my first computer. I was always interested in how things tick, and how to make them do unorthodox things that the company does not want, and voiding a warranty was never a bad sign as much as it is a path to an unopened gate. For a modder like myself, and most of the Se7ensins.com community, the PSP Go presents lots of challenges for us. It does not have a teardown publicly avaliable online (Except for the standard iFixit and AcidMods Guides) that allows people like me, or yourself, to look at points we need such as soldering points and sound fuses. No place that I can find online explicitly states soldering points and hardware tricks. This is not a good sign for me, or anyone who wants to mod their PSP Go, but I will progress onwards.

-What the RedRover Project is: I hope to make the RedRover [RR] Project in order to stir up communities around the net to dig out their PSP Go and start modifying it. The lack of build logs online for this awesome little device is a tad fustrating and is a 'put off' for many. I will provide the highest quality pictures [Thanks to my new DSLR Camera] and extensive write-ups as well.

The RedRover Project Consists of Three Parts:
-Case Mod
-Software Modification
-LED Mods

-The Red PSP Go Housing: You have to search for it, but a simple eBay search for 'PSP Go Housing' returns lots of results. A seller who lives in Brooklyn NY was selling a Red Housing for $25.29. The seller is actually really close to where I live, so the shipping should not take too long and I will receive it soon, hopefully.

This ends the January 16, 2012 Section of my Build Log.

I hope you enjoy the Build log thus far guys, I will be adding to it whenever something new happens!
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