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Solved Budget $1,300 (Rendering/Gaming) PC only, no peripherals

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1) Budget is around $1,300, there's some wiggle room if it goes a little over $1,300.

2) The computer will be primarily used to game firstly, and then should be able to render and edit video efficiently. I'd love for it to be able to run Fallout 4 at maximum settings with ENBs, to give a general idea of what kind of expectations I would have for the machine when it comes to gaming.

I'm not looking for the machine to be able to annihilate titles that are coming out down the road in the next few years, but rather for it to completely annihilate any title that is currently out and has come out in the past few years.

3) Will likely purchase the parts in February.

4) NVIDIA and Intel preferred whenever applicable. For things like cases, fans, PSUs, I don't really care for the brand as long as it can support everything else effectively.

5) Black and Blue, or Black and Red.

6) Already have monitors.

7) Peripherals will not be necessary. Although I may need an Ethernet adapter as the place I live at uses Wifi for internet. I'd like to know. Haven't had a desktop in 7 years, so I'm used to laptops and their built in Wifi capability.

8) I'd like to have a SSD included in the build ($150 or less), and a HDD of at least 2-3TB. The SSD is of lowest priority. If it causes the build to be over $1,300, then I'll be fine without it.

9) Will be building it myself.



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Wait for 1080 Ti to release so every other GTX 10xx card drops in price.
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