Unsolved Bridging Help Needed


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First, I would like to say, for the most part I'm not a noob to bridging. I've been doing it with my laptop from WiFi to Wired NIC for over a year perfectly fine.

But recently I went out to get an extra PCI NIC so I can set up a bridging box on my PC. The internet works, and I get Xbox Live perfectly fine. The problem comes down to on Zone Alarm Pro, when I put the sliders to HIGH nothing changes. I can still connect to people, and they can connect to me. Its like its set on Normal.

I've tried a few things, obviously reinstalling etc. I've tried right clicking on the two connections and bridging them, I've tried sharing the connection on the internet NIC and not bridging, all scenarios work and allow Live, but not of them block connections like ZAP is supposed to do.

I figured it would be no different to set up from a Wireless>Wired NIC to a Wired NIC> Wired NIC, nothing seems to work.

Any one have some suggestions that have it set up this way?
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