Bridging Banned?

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  1. Sharpshooter50

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    Yes people, I think it's gone again...

    Reason being I cannot bridge host and neither can anyone of my friends.

    I've seriously tried over a dozen times and cannot force host in CUSTOM GAMES Or Matchmaking to any of my friends and my friends can't either.

    This is what I do to bridge.

    First, I check if I have Bungie's IP and my friends IP written down in Zone Alarm correctly. If I do, I proceed to bridging. I tell my friend to go make a party so I can join his party with my firewall on high. He does it and usually it would let me join with no problems and if I do join with no problems, then he successfully has host. But recently, I haven't been able to join ANYONE of my friend's parties with my firewall on High. It's weird, they can't bridge me either or join my party with their firewalls on high. So I thought to myself that maybe it was just messing up and I needed to join their party with my firewall on Off and then once I got in there put it on High. That didn't work, I would start up the Custom Game but he would not end up with host.... Then we tried in Matchmaking, still not working... I would join his party with my firewall on Off then put it to High, start the game and we would find no matches at all....

    These are the things me and my bridger friends have double checked...

    We've checked that...

    - Bungie's IP's are CORRECT.
    - Our IP's are CORRECT.
    - No cables are unplugged or missing.
    - Zone Alarm is registered and it is because we have cracks.
    - Cain and Abel is working.

    There are more things we've checked but I cannot remember them at the moment.

    This doesn't make sense... We have done everything to bridge and we have double checked that everything is correct. I have done this many many times before following the guide in the "Halo 3 Glitches," forum...

    I even check that my bridging is working by starting up a game before anyone else joins, then, I invite my friends and start standbying. If I can standby in a custom game then my bridging is working. I've done that and I can standby successfully.

    What is wrong here? Did Bungie change their IP's? Did bridging get banned? I don't understand.

    Please enlighten me.

  2. Twis7eD

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    Nothing changed with Bungie or their IPs. Something is obviously messed up with your friends and your bridges because I can join my friends' party's with my firewall on high with no problem.
  3. Nubble

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    Try remaking your bridge or restore your computer back to when it worked...
  4. OP

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    Could be the problem.. I'll system restore..

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