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Patched Brand New Money Glitch 1.26/1.24 [All Consoles]



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Ok this glitch is sort of similar to the one that FreightTrainWTF found, but that's only the start of it. The rest of it is completely different, and founded by me and my team. Works on all consoles, after the latest patches/Hotfixes.

Things you need:

-A fully upgraded Buffalo S, or Super Car (You can only sell original super cars not the dupe).

-A garage without an apartment.

-A little bit of cash to purchase trackers at LSC, etc.

Ok as I said before, this glitch is different, very different, only the start is the same as the old glitch.

  1. Get car, park up near garage.

  2. Kill friend, get him to send deathmatch invite.

  3. Before he respawns, bring up the invite, get in car, drive up to garage then accept the invite and exit the vehicle the moment you hit the garage door.

  4. It will start up a one on one deathmatch, and you'll notice across the street or somewhere nearby a dupe of the vehicle will spawn/fall from heaven, so go and steal it.

  5. TAKE IT TO LSC, NOT a blue circle like the old one. Drive in, there will be no sell option so buy a tracker and insurance (don't specifically need to insure it but just to be safe), then press B or O, and suddenly it'll auto kick you out of LSC, and the Car.

  6. If you bought insurance, blow up the car. I'm not sure if this is required.

  7. Go to your personal vehicle still marked on map, get in it and take it to LSC, and sell it. If using a super car, drive it into garage, and sell the original. The dupe will say 'Over 50k error' so sell the original.

  8. Go back to your garage and the Buffalo or whatever car you used it still there! Sometimes it sells for full price, sometimes for upgrade price. Idk why it changes.
If you're confused, here's a Video!

Hope it works for all you guys! :biggrin:

Founders: GlitchForce, JayBobGamerZz, xDLACEDx


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I need someone to do this crap with - add me on PS4 - BlizzardPredator


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this can work as a give cars to friends??
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