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Patched Brand New Arena + Auto Shop Car Dupe (Clean Dupes )

  • Thread starter Cayo Perico
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Brand New Arena + Auto Shop Car Dupe (Clean Dupes )


-Car to dupe
-Car you do not mind losing
-Friend with an Auto Shop

Steps :

-STEP 1: Drive any car inside your friends auto shop (you will not lose this, it'll simply serve to assist in glitching yourself out) once inside and on the workshop menu, join Anawack and accept all alerts. If joining Anawack does not bring out into the sky view, try again.

-STEP 2: Once you spawn back in, quickly exit your vehicle and leave your Friends auto shop, tell them to enter your vehicle and sit on it for the remainder of these next steps.

-STEP 3: Head towards your Nightclub B1 Garage and enter any of the service vehicles, press right D-Pad and your camera should freeze. Press pause and job teleport via one of the blue job markers to your arena (check and see if your aim mode has changed, if you're in free aim use one of your friends that may be in assisted, as joining anawack will mess up the glitch if you are in free aim)

-STEP 4: Once in the Arena, enter the vehicle you want to duplicate, press right D-pad to enter the workshop and change one item on the vehicle, once done back out and select exit the arena.

-STEP 5: When you're outside, call your mechanic and request any vehicle you do not mind losing, wait 9-10 seconds then tell your friend to exit your vehicle. Your plates will change, call your MOC and drive into the back of it. Rinse and repeat from Step 1

Tutorial Video :

So I got a problem. My car stay in my friend's autoshop no problem even if he isn't in it (obviouslyuntil i customise my nightclub vehicle). Tho whenever he brings his into my workshop it instantly despawn. Why is that, I tried everything to fix and to try to recreatie it.

On the previous successful attempt he went into his moc and it was the dual cap section not the personal vehicle storage. He got stuck and since then its not working.
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