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Tools [Bot]Nemesis Bot v2.02 - Proxy Support, Kill Switch, Schedule, Api

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Note: I don't take any credit for this tool etc.

How to use:

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Virus Scans:
(NemesisBot.exe) Here
(Nemesis Bot Manager.exe) Here

# Do not run bots 24 hours a day.
# No sniping.
# Do not use more than 2000 pokestops in 24 hours.
# Do not capture more than 1000 pokemon in 24 hours.
# Only jump locations after 3-4 days of being in 1 location if you want to move to other location.
# Do not use public proxies and vpn.
# Keep the walking speed below 10 km/hr to avoid getting softbanned
# Try to use default config and settings as much as possible.
How to run Multiple accounts:
1. Make a copy of the Bot folder and put it somewhere.
2. Open the copy folder.
3. Rename the NemesisBot.exe to any another name (Example: NemesisBot1.exe).
4. Go to the locale folder and open NemesisBotName.txt
5. Set the bot's file name you've renamed.
6. Run the bot as always.

Tutorial by Nexted

Changelog 2.0.2:
- Fixed - Google API Not saving correctly

Latest Version Updates
Changelog 2.0.1:
- Some Languages fixed
- Added warning when GPS coordinates format is incorrect
- Walking Speed Slider Fixed
- Login and GPS settings auto save now when you Start NemesisBOt
- Added Hidden field for Google IP so it's not visible unless checkmarked
- Bug fix/session hash (Session hash generated only once per session.)

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