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I am a new member so need to post 10 times before I can add links, but if you want this save let me know I can direct you to the download - it is on my GitHub page under RaserIbanez account.

So I posted one similar to this recently but for The Pre Sequel, basically this is a save that gives you a massively overpowered level 50 character with awesome guns n gear all orange class. On Xbox 360 it is getting increasingly difficult to find people to coop the story with and it can get very difficult and time consuming to do it solo - so if you are like me and love the epic Borderlands storylines but are unable to enjoy them fully by yourself, this save allows you to get through everything including the big boss fights by yourself and very easily too.

I have done one character for each game so far, if I get any feedback I will maybe do one for each character in the game. This is a Base Game level 50 save that gives you a Maya Siren character with some badass guns and gear, but still has inventory slots so you can pick up mission items and special weapons etc. If you want to make it more challenging you can use the correct level guns for the missions as you find them.

You will start at the very beginning as you would on a new character, but you will be level 50, and will be able to assign all of your skill points straight away. You will have some items in your inventory to start so you will need to equip them but I have started you with 4 guns, a shield, a grenade mod, and a relic mod. You should progress to the town of Sanctuary as soon as possible and you will find a lot more items and weapons in the bank vault there (in the crimson raiders headquarters bank vault - a mission will lead you to this vault).

You can choose to playthrough in the harder modes if you want, but it will be easier to do it on normal. If you focus on JUST the storyline missions first the end bosses should be around level 30 while you are level 50, making it easy to do solo.

I know there are a lot of saves for BL2 but here's why mine is different, I tried a lot of these saves, and found problems. When people max the save out with tons of guns and items, you end up with an inventory showing like 2000/15 so you can't pick anything up. Now some missions require you to do this and you can't progress, for example on BL2 you have to buy a shield from the vendor machine on a side mission early on, and you cant do this unless you drop like 1986 items, then you cant pick them up again, this is quite annoying. So I have made sure you have inventory space and just started you off with a few awesome guns that would be good enough to see you through the whole game at this level, then you can pick and choose when you get to the vault.

As I said I can't post links here yet so please leave a comment if you want this save - it is on my GitHub page as a free and secure download directly from my account there, and if you contact me I can personalize the save file for you if needed - I can add pretty much any weapons and items you could want in the game.

You may or may not know that in order to use this save file you will need to do a few things first. Heres my basic instructions (Note that it is easier to swap a save file from an existing character, so I recommend making a new Maya character, then swapping the data over as follows)

* Set up a USB memory stick for use on your console (so you can save games)
* Load up the game and select this USB so it doesn't interfere with your saves
* Create a new Maya character, get through the intro, and save and quit asap
* You should have a level 1 Maya character on your USB now
* Put the USB in your PC and load up a save editing tool (I personally use and recommend Horizon but there are others like Modio that work)
* In Horizon, navigate the USB to your level 1 Maya file
* Drag it into the central grey boxed area
* Click the contents menu tab on the save file, and you will see a file looking like "GameSave.sav" (DONT use backup files)
* Right click the file within (gamesave.sav) and select REPLACE
* Choose my level 50 Maya save file you downloaded
* IMPORTANT - click the menu tab saying "Save, Rehash and Reassign"
* Now you are good to go, Put USB back in your console, load up the game, select the USB and you should see your level 50 character on character selection (press Y at menu)

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