All Borderlands 2 Section Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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    The same basic rules apply here as they apply to the regular forums.

    I'll keep this short and simple:

    • All those wishing to play with others must post in the Co-Op Partner thread at this time.
    • If you're posting a mod or glitch, please be sure you give credit to whomever the creator is.
    • Gameplay videos go in the Gaming Videos section. If you're posting a walkthrough or tutorial, you may post here.
    • No flaming, spamming, or mini-modding of the sort. If you come across any of these, please report them.
    • Refrain from posting Orange Gun trade/purchase threads. Instead, post here Orange Gun trade/purchase threads will be deleted.
    • Any threads dealing with duplicating weapons, looking for weapons, trading weapons, or anything of the sort go into the BOOSTING SECTION. Posting these in Borderlands 2 discussion will end up with your thread getting deleted.
    • Anything dealing with modding support, modding tutorials, glitches, bug finds, etc., go into the MODDING SECTION.
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