Borderlands 2 Instant 72/Drop Lobbies

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Borderlands 2:
  • Boosting to level 72 with level 72 items and eridium
  • Eridium drops
  • OP8 weapons/items

    How To Request:
    1. Message Abraham_Saul on PSN! :biggrin:

    Boosting Lobby Rules:
    • No turning in missions
    • No shooting, throwing grenades or use action skill. If you want to test weapons - back out of the game, start your own lobby and test how much you like.
    • No jumping in my face
    • Sharing is Caring: there is usually 3 lots of the same item in the boosting lobby - that means 1 item each, so if you are in the full lobby please be nice and don't take duplicate items - someone else may need it too
    • and maybe you would like to read this too:
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