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    I know some people say this isn't the place but I disagree. I am looking for another teamate for MLG gamebattles. Also, to further confuse me, my account was hacked (you can check the games, 50 in dubz b4 the update, never played again on it. 40 in mlg gt: L R3LOAD3D L) Now i need another account to 50 and I figure what better way to find a teamate and get to know their play style than to play dubz with them on the way to 50. I need someone who is good. I don't claim to be great, but I am a solid support player but am mainly objective when it comes to MLG. My new GT: is i R3LOAD3D L on the account of me wanting the same name. Message me if your interested. boosters are welcome to help but i will not pay for what i can do myself


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