[Boosting] How to bridge in MW2


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How to bridge in MW2

This tutorial is practical for only boosting.

What you need
-Zonealarm Pro
-Commview / Cain / Wireshark
-Connection "bridged" through your computer

First of all, if you don't have your xbox 360's connection going through your computer, then go do it. Here is a tut by me, there are other ways so if you don't like my tut then you can go find another one.

Now you need the IP address of XBL's servers which is - in your trusted zone.

Now open up whatever program you are using to get your friend's IP with and add it to your trusted zone.

Now to bridge a quick game of 3rd person cagematch to boost in, just put your internet firewall on high and search for a game. Your friend can either search for a game themselves and they will be put in your game or they can just join your session in progress.

Get the IPs of everyone boosting with you and get your team ready and search for a match while your internet firewall is on high. The other team should get matched up with you or they could just join your session in progress.
- This has not been confirmed yet so anyone willing to give it a try should go ahead.

I will get some pictures up tomorrow, by which time someone else will have ripped this and added pics so w/e. Probably won't have any pics updated until like 7 PM EST.


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Re: How to bridge in MW2

This is so stupid this is just straight up common sense if you know how to bridge.

I'm sorry but thanks for getting my hopes up about finally being able to standby in MW2. :thumbdown:
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