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Boosting help

Discussion in 'Halo 3 & Halo 3: ODST' started by 501hawg, Feb 4, 2010 with 2 replies and 631 views.

  1. 501hawg

    501hawg Newbie

    I've made a booster and I continue to lose in team swat. After I get around 150 losses what do I do to boost my friend? Play then quit at the end? Do I have to win?

  2. AZ Assassin AZ

    AZ Assassin AZ Enthusiast

    You could play and win then quit at the end or you can stay in. Doesnt matter. If you quit it will just give you negative exp and you might get banned. So better to stay in.
  3. matt grimes

    matt grimes Newbie

    You need a low level. If you're trying to get a 50, ~20 will do. The lower the better though. When you boost him, quit if you want, but that's just a pain for both of you. You'll go up but a lot slower than he will (assuming you have a good booster). Then after you're done boosting him, just derank to <20 again for you're next "boosting".

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