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Boosting HC SND XP+Camos better than Dom

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The reasons it's better
1. Less people in the party and not everyone is talking over each other
2. You can actually get kills every game and not have to run back and forth getting one kill every time
3. You get about the same xp in snd as you do in dom because dom takes over 20mins per game and you'll get about 30-40k xp can't remember how much it was cuz I haven't done it in awhile but anyways in snd depending on how many xbox's you have will make a big difference but let's say only 2 people are getting kills on both teams one person will get 30 kills and the other will get 25 you'll get 25k xp that game and I know that's not alot but that game will only take 10-12mins depending on how big the map is but you'll get 50k xp in the same time frame as a dom game takes and I already know someone is gunna say well you'll spend longer time trying to lock down a lobby well you're straight up wrong cuz it only takes 1 minutes to get into another game but to be fair I am doing something to lock it down so fast but anyways it only takes that long because the map as to start up

What everyone needs to setup a lobby
You need 2 people with 2 xbox's and 4 controllers then the other 2 real people need 2 controllers each so that's 4 real people everyone else is a quest's once you get into a game normally the 2 people with the 2 xbox's get 30 kills every game and the others get 25 kills it's that simple I have 2 xbox's and 4 controllers I just need another person with the same setup as me and then 2 other people with 2 controllers if you want to get into my lobby's message me saying what you have my GT: lBOYDl


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I’m curious in trying this out, I have 2 Xbox’s and 4 controllers. I won’t be on for a couple hours but this sounds legit, hmu
Gamertag: TheSavageLand
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