Boosting Domination Tutorial.

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    I know there is another one of these, but I think that it should either be moved and stickied here, or I will just make one myself.

    *I will do this in steps, and I will try my best to include everything you need to boost fast and correctly!*

    1. Start a private match
    2. Get 12 people in the match.
    3. One person invites the bottom 6 people into the party. They must stay in the party for this to work.
    4. After all have accepted, back out, and invite the top six people into the game lobby.
    5. Once everybody has entered the lobby that should be there, start a Core Domination game.
    6. You must keep searching for an empty lobby so you can invite the other party into the game.
    7. Once you find an empty lobby, quickly go to the party with the other people, and the second button will say "Invite Players To Party". When you hit that, it will send all 6 people in that party a game invite at the same time.

    *Now you have everyone. Now what?*

    1. Make sure that no one has any type of throw down explosives. Satchel Charges, Bouncing Betties, etc. NO MARTYDOM!
    2. Good perks to use would be Juggernaut and Second Chance in case someone goes down.
    3. When the game starts both teams stick together and go to the "B" location!
    4. As one team jumps into the circle, the other backs out.
    5. Repeat STEP 4 throughout the entire game!

    *Noobs that are slow*

    1. If someone is moving out of the circle too slow DO NOT SHOOT THEM! This will only cause chaos. Sprint at them so they know that they are in the circle and they shall back up, if not, give them ONE warning shot to the leg telling them to back up.

    *If someone is killed*

    1. DO NOT RETALIATE! This will only cause total chaos and all your time and patients will be wasted in a matter of 10 seconds.

    *If done right*

    1. If you boosting match was done correctly, you shall receive up to 4000 EXP a game, ranking you up very fast.

    *Here's a nice tutorial that will help you and your friends rank up ULTRA FAST! Happy Boosting!*


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