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CoD: MW2 Boosting

okay im going to tell you a few ways on how to boost in call of duty modern warfare 2.

1.) Head Shots
go into 3rd person cage match and start a search. if you would like a friend do it with you they need to join when it has the percent at the top of the screen. if not they wont be able to connect. if you want to with a random, just explain to them on how to do this. make sure you have tactical insertion on your class! then just meet up somewhere. once there just throw down your TI and then let them kill you. eveytime you will respawn where you dropped it. please do this by 1s and not 3s, 9, or whatever. because you will get a bonus for revenge kills. and try to shoot each other from as far as possible if you like. get the extra 50 points for a long shot.

2.) Domination Boosting
get a full party of 12 and join in a game of domination. once in... NO KILLING!!!! just have both teams head over to "C" and have one team take it over. then have the other team take it over and so on and so forth. nice and easy way to boost.

3.) SaD Roit shields
okay get a party of 12 and join a game of search and destroy. make sure everybody has a class with a roit shield and a stricker "if above level 34, if not use a machine pistol" and then just have everubody run to the middle of the map and find a partner. once you have your partner, just shoot each others shield until you run out of ammo. NOTE. if you are above 45 and have onbe man army. use that and just blast the **** out of your partner's shield with all your classes.

4.) killstreak boosting?
i dont know about this one... but i saw someone do it. just join any game and then have a friend join your sesion in progress. hopefully they get put on the other team. if not. try again. then just hide in a spot where nobody else will find you. then just have your friend keep running to you and you kill them. then once you get the said amount of kills just use the killstreak! good for your nukes :wink:

if this helps anybody just press the shiny little button :wink:

if you wouldnt mind just go ahead and invite me to your boosting party :smile:
GT = IKenpachi MoDz
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