[Boosting] Cagematch care package boosting (all day)

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    Cagematch care package boosting (all day)

    I will be doing it all day today, my gt is havoc exe so message me if you're interested, or/and leave a message here.

    I will keep this thread updated whether or not I'm looking for someone or if I'm already boosting.

    Read this first:
    -Before you join make sure you know how to do the care package glitch!
    -We will only be getting 8 kills each, nothing more to save time.
    -If you mess up on the glitch too bad, sorry. Wait for next round, same goes for me.
    -If you're not cooperative I'm leaving.

    Current Status: [OPEN]

    I will check this thread every ~10 mins if the status is open. I might not be online on xbox so its better to leave a message here, thanks!

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