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boosting 4th of january

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: WaW Boosting & Matches' started by simsarmy, Jan 2, 2009 with 1 replies and 266 views.

  1. simsarmy

    simsarmy Newbie

    i know im new and people don't respect me much yet so i would understand if no one joined but if you would like to join meet up on fourth of january at 6 o clock british time
    add me: erectotoad

    4 jan

  2. Otaku Se7en

    Otaku Se7en The Old School Retired

    I don't have that game but to help you, you can post at least how many you need, how yout boosting, and put your gamertag in Blod text so it stands out first thing, this site is mostly Americans and people from the UK, us Yankees have very short attention spans and try to get to the point.:thumbup: When I get a new 360 and CoD WaW I'll hit you up the next time your doing this.