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[Boosting] 250 Headshot Team Tac Boost!!

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: MW2 Boosting & Matches' started by x cAuSeY, Feb 3, 2010 with 3 replies and 358 views.

  1. x cAuSeY

    x cAuSeY Enthusiast

    250 Headshot Team Tac Boost!!

    We well be doing to team tac demo boost were each player gets 250 headshots

    A's will go first, when all 4 A's have 250 kills, B's will dashboard. Then, B's will get their kills, and A's will dashboard.

    Demo boosting is the best game type because you can keep the time going on forever. Two sets of partners (ex. A1 + B1, and A2 + B2) will be arming and disarming the bomb. There is a sticky about this, but this is just a quick explanation if you don't know. Arm at 15 seconds, disarm at 15 seconds.

    **This is a 200 Kill Lobby. No more, and no less. If you call in a Nuke, or do anything you're not supposed to, you will be blocked/black listed/avoided, etc.**

    Then we well change to domo boosting so we well be boosting pretty much all night and more than one game type soo hit me up if interested!

    No friend requests, just send me a message that says "7s Inv". Message: x cAuSeY

    need 1 more!!!

    need 4 more starting new lobby with serious boosters!!
  2. DesecratedSoul

    DesecratedSoul Enthusiast

    Re: 250 Headshot Team Tac Boost!!

    i would but i dont get the whole dashboard part
  3. xSiKnDSkIllZx

    xSiKnDSkIllZx Enthusiast

    Re: 250 Headshot Team Tac Boost!!

    when u dashboard out the kills that were gotten on you will not count but the person that kills you still gets the kills
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    ARIGOLD Newbie

    Re: 250 Headshot Team Tac Boost!!

    you still doing or no?

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