PS4 Bo3 S&D Ninja Defuse boosting

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: BO3 Boosting' started by Doomification, Aug 27, 2018 with 0 replies and 146 views.

  1. Doomification

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    I'm going for 100% challenges in bo3, and this ninja defuse challenge royally p***es me off.
    It's solely based on luck and it infuriates me. Hence, I turn to boosting.
    I need some people (multiple controllers is a plus) to enter matchmaking in hardcore S&D at the same time (since that playlist is practically empty), and let me ninja defuse the bomb five times. In return, I can help you do whatever. I'm not picky.

    Send me a friend request if interested -- PSN: Doomification171

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