Patched BO2 2 Person Bot Lobby: How do you make stats stick all the time?

cRz x

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So I have been doing bot lobby where you can get XP in custom games. I do the 2 person bot lobby glitch where I have 2 controllers in the game and nobody else except for bots. So when I'm finished what I do is: Press the Guide Button (Big Xbox button) on my 2nd controller and switch profiles. And once I switch I go to Zombies and stay on it for 5 minutes. But when I go to Multiplayer my rank goes back to before I started the bot lobby. My stats never stick. I want to know how can I get my stats to stick. I would be very appreciated if you can tell me how can I make it stick. If you are wondering how many kills/score I get per game here it is:

Since I'm lower than level 50 I get 100 or less kills. And my score is usually between 9-10 thousand. Sometimes it's 9,500 or like 10,100. Sometimes even less. So please tell me how to make my stats stick!
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