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News Blizzcon - First in 2 years!


I'm sure we all know who Blizzard (Actiblizzard, soon to be Microblizzivision?) is. Blizzard is a games developer, most notably known for the Diablo , Overwatch and of course World of Warcraft titles. I'm also sure many people know of Blizzon - comparative to Minecon. An event sanctioned for people who love the titles to come together whilst the host is advertising their latest and greatest - while showing tribute to their past.

Last year, 2022, Blizzcon was canceled. I can not remember if it was before tickets went on sale or after. However, this was a detrimental blow to many enthusiasts who look forward to the event year after year. They stated they were going to reimagine the event in its entirety. Now, in 2023, we get to experience this imagination of theirs! Blizzcon has been announced and the first round of tickets already released on July 8th. Tomorrow (July 22) is the last chance you have at buying a ticket without paying scalpers fees!

Blizzcon is set to take place at the Annaheim Convention Center in California on November 3rd and 4th of 2023. Tickets are roughly $300 for standard access and around $800 for VIP/Premium access.

I personally am going, with tickets already secured - flights secured and hotels secured. I will be sure to take as many videos and pictures as I can for a follow up post in a few months! But, let me know, are you planning on attending?

Blizzcon information (source?): https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzcon
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