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Tutorial Black Ops Classes Modding Tutorial - Noob Friendly!



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This Tutorial Will Walk You Through How To Mod Your Class Name's On Black Ops
Download Links In "What You Will Need"

What You Will Need:

Xbox 360
Modio - game-tuts.com/community/modio.php
Xero - mediafire.com/?tnq6q3tq9inlf52
USB Explorer - mediafire.com/?ezlgzjzm1hf

Plug USB Into Xbox And Configure To Hard Drive

Go To System Settings > Memory > Hard Drive > Profiles. Then Get What Profile You Want To Mod Then Move/Copy To Your USB.

Step 1.
Open your USB Explorer

Step 2.
Find your profile and extract onto your "Desktop"

Step 3.
Open Xero

Step 4.
Profile Tools and click Black Ops GPD Editor

Step 5.
Click Open

Step 6.
Find your profile on your desktop

Step 7.
Once you have opened your profile head to the third column and look for set customclass1 "Custom Class1"

Step 8.
Change "Custom Class1" and change it to what ever you want it to say (set customclass1 "^2iPaulll MoDz")

Step 9.
Click save

Step 10.
Now close that and open Modio

Step 11.
Open up your profile

Step 12.
Once you have opened your profile click Rehash and Resign (Bottom Right)

Step 13.
Now back to your USB Explorer and delete your profile

Step 14.
On your USB Explorer click "inject" and inject your profile from your desktop onto your USB

Step 15.
Unplug your USB and put it into your Xbox

Step 16.
Go To System Settings > Memory > USB > Profiles. Then Get Profile You have Modded Then Move To Your Xbox.
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