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    Hello all and welcome to my Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 section guide. The majority of this thread is for beginners, but you never know if a older member may find this useful as well. This will be a full in-dept tutorial about everything you need to know about the Black Ops 3 section. So, lets get started.

    This guide will be broken into 4 different parts to make it easier for the typical member to browse to make it as efficient as possible.

    Guide Contents
    • Getting started. (navigation)
    • Section rules and reporting.
    • Notes and information about modded lobbies.
    • Useful threads and links
    Getting Started
    First off, when you come into the Black Ops 3 section you will notice a bunch off different subsections. In this part of the guide I will be explaining what each of the subsections are about and what useful information you could find within each.


    When you click the main Black Ops 3 forum the first thing you will see is a long list of subsections. You can enter each of these subsections for whatever you need or you can stay in the general Black Ops 3 section where you can find general topics of the game. Below will be a link and list of each subsection and a brief description of their uses.

    Black Ops 3- This is the main section and is the first thing you will see when you come into the section. In this section you will find news about the game, general discussions, and playing tips.

    Black Ops 3 Modding- This section is strictly for modders. Here you will find everything you need to modify the game under your specific platform. You can find Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 tools within this subsection. Threads will include download links to mod menus, TU's, modding tutorials. In here there is the Modded Support section, this is the place to go if you have a question regarding modding about the game.

    Black Ops 3 Zombies-
    This section is strictly for anything relating to Zombies mode in Black Ops 3. Discussions, tips and tricks, and other tutorials can be found within this section. Just a reminder, if you are looking for players to play with DO NOT post in the zombies section, post in the Black Ops 3 Matches section. Glitches also DO NOT belong here, they belong in the Black Ops 3 Glitches section.

    Black Ops 3 Boosting- This section is pretty self explanatory, if you need a partner to boost with post a thread or post in one of threads. As a reminder, DO NOT post duplicate threads, you can reuse 1 thread by reporting it to be open/closed and if you have premium you could do it yourself. Another reminder XP lobbies DO NOT belong here, they belong in the Black Ops 3 Matches section.

    Black Ops 3 Modded Lobbies- Here is where you can find modded lobbies that members have to offer. In this section there is both paid recovery services and free modded lobbies exist so its best to know the difference. The recoveries are the threads pinned at the top of the sections.

    Black Ops 3 Support- Here you can ask all questions non-modded related about the game. There are plenty of reused/reasked questions, so please use the search system because you may be able to get your answer within seconds.

    Black Ops 3 Glitches- In this section you will find exploits and glitches. There are a bunch of multiplayer and zombie glitches, so be sure to look around. There are way too many glitches to list here, but generally if you aren't a modder and you are looking to cheat, this is a place for you. Remember to search the section before posting a new thread to ensure the glitch has not been posted already and to also include a text tutorial with any video.

    Black Ops 3 Matches- This is the place to go, if you are looking for people to party up with. Team ups range from, zombie easter eggs, typical zombie matches, multiplayer games, etc. You can either post a thread or post in one of the thread to find players!

    Black Ops 3 Videos- If you have a YouTube channel and want to share some of your videos, this is the place to go! As a reminder you are not allowed to advertise paid services, cracked/leaked menus, and advertising other sites within the video because it is not allowed. If any of the threads/video break any of these rules the thread will be deleted.

    Black Ops 3 Clans- This is the place to go if you are looking for a clan or if you have a clan that you want to advertise. If you are looking for a clan make sure to post in one of the threads or post in the free agency thread located here. DO NOT post a thread stating you need a clan, it will be merged with the free agency thread if you do so.

    Now that we have gone over the subsections and what they are used for, it is time for navigation. By clicking one of the console titles the forum will automatically show threads that contain the certain prefix. This is a handy tool to make searching much more efficient. This comes in handy to find discussions or tutorials for your specific console, so you don't have to search through 100+ pages to find the thing you are looking for.

    Pinned Threads
    In every section you will see a separate block of pinned thread. The reason these threads pinned are because they may be important notices or rules you have to follow and so they don't get buried within the section. Be sure to read all pinned threads if it is your first time entering the section. For reference of pinned threads few the follow screenshot below.
    Notice the [​IMG] logos. The eye ball is on the thread you are watching and the ones that you posted in. The pin shows which thread are pinned. Sometimes in certain sections you will see threads that you think warrant a sticky, please be sure to bring it up with the section moderators and they will discuss if the thread is worth the pin or not. Please DO NOT contact staff asking for your own thread to be pinned.

    Stay Within Rules

    Like every gaming forum, Se7enSins has it's own set of rules that you must follow. When you join you have to read the general forum rules. Similar to the general rules each section has it's own rules to make sure everything goes as swift as possible. now I will list some important rules to follow when browsing the Black Ops 3 section and any other Call of Duty section:
    1. DO NOT spam any threads by any means, this includes mini-modding or begging for modded lobbies.
    2. Know the difference between recoveries and modded lobbies. If you are looking to open a recovery service post a thread here and an admin will get back to you based on the availability. They don't always get back to you, keep that in mind.​
    3. Show respect members and staff members. Disrespecting others gets you no where and could lead to infractions. When communicating with others be sure to keep a positive attitude, flaming will not be tolerated.​
    4. Be patient. If you are looking for a modded lobby or want a recovery, wait till the hoster or service provider is ready. DO NOT beg them as it will cause them to get annoyed and possibly not offer the service to you. Keep in mind, they are doing services for free, while some it costs money on their end. They don't have to do it for you, but they want to provide for the community.​
    5. Communicate clearly. Communication is key to be a well respected member and to make your thread look professional.​
    6. When posing glitches, remember sharing leaked content is against the forum rules and make sure to post text tutorials for all videos. If your thread does not have a text tutorial, a moderator will ask kindly for you to add one and if you fail to do so the thread could get moved to the videos section or locked.​
    7. When posting menus, remember leaked and crack content is not allowed, unless you have permission from the original creator. If not, the thread will be deleted ASAP.​
    8. When sharing files, make sure the download links is on media fire and the virus scan is from virus Links without scans will be deleted.​
    9. Read all section rules. Section rules are extremely important when browsing, as rules vary as you browse different sections of the forums.​
    10. Asking for modded lobbies or recoveries is NOT allowed.
    Sadly, many of you know that some members still break rules. Now, I will show you the proper way to report threads. Please, if you find threads that break the rules, report it. Reporting helps the section moderators out, if the they miss certain thread when browsing. An example of how to report properly will be show below, this is if you find a reposted thread:


    Reporting Patches Glitches

    It helps us section moderators when members report glitches that no longer work. It helps keep the section clean and more efficient to browse. Here is an example of how to report a glitch if it is patched:

    Notes for new hosters
    Once you get a modified console, you can now host. Download a menu and try to get started, if you need help be sure to post in the correct forum, in this case, it would be the Black Ops 3 Modded Support section. Some general tips that you should follow: everything on Se7enSins should be hosted for free, if you are caught charging it could lead to infractions. If you are interested in charging, you must have admin approval.

    Hosting Recoveries
    In each CoD Modded Lobbies section there are 6 spots, where members can offer their paid recovery services. Currently only 1 PS3 spot is taken in for Black Ops 3 which means there are 3 Xbox 360 spots and 2 more PS3 spots. To claim a spot post a thread in Advertisement Inquires and an admin will get back to you as soon as they can.

    Hosting Modded Lobbies
    We want members to help out other members in need and this is why we make sure every lobby is free. Make sure to follow the Black Ops 3 Modded Lobbies section guidelines before posting your thread. You must provide proof, which includes a image or video of you modding with your Se7enSins username within the image or video. No threads will be approved without the correct proof. Keep in mind if you are taking donations within your thread to please add the Se7enSins premium banner, which is show below.


    Managing your thread
    Here on Se7enSins we allowed members with premium to have a bit of a perk when hosting. There are a few tools that you can use to help keep your thread running smoothly. The image below shows what you can do. Note that only premium users have these perks, and the check box is to open/close your thread. You also MUST make sure once you are done hosting to close your thread.
    If you are a non-premium member and not interested in buying premium, make sure to report your thread to be open/closed when you are on/offline.

    Useful threads and links
    If you have any questions PM, myself, Sombra or ImOx. If you want me to add anything to the thread PM me and I will be more then will too.
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    Awesome guide my man. Will help out all of the new members coming to this forum to show & help them what to do.
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    Very cool, very swag, i like it!
    I like how u guys do sections and stuff. Makes it a whole lot better and easier for new members also :smile:
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    I sent ya all the typos I could find.
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    I love the way that you explained everything so thoroughly, it will surely help out new members that are browsing our forums!:thumbsup:
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