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Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 Zombies Mod Menu Not Loading

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: BO2 Support' started by jamesgarretttt, Aug 23, 2018 with 1 replies and 340 views.

  1. jamesgarretttt

    jamesgarretttt Enthusiast

    Hello all,

    i am having an error getting ANY zombies menu to load. so to put a little context to it, ive been modding for a while so im not new to the game, i just know im overlooking something. i stopped modding for a while so i forgot the details.

    So, i can not get my zombies menu to pull up, no matter what. I have two copies of black ops 2.. one for modding multiplayer and a clean version for modding zombies. so i still have my old raw folder for zombies for the fenix v5 menu, and i tried dropping it in the clean zombies version. the game loads fine. no script errors. zombies loads just fine. even die rise and mob of the dead. i can use my offhost fine.

    but, i can NOT get my zombies menu to pull up. ive tried grezz, pegasus, and fenix... all of them the same issue. zombie loads but not the menu.

    please tell me what im forgetting, or is injecting the wave now?
  2. Net

    Net uwu

    Sorted this out in pms :smile:

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