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Discussion Bind buttons to different things in code_post

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This may sound complicated but i have different binds from the .cfg files and you can bind them to different buttons in the code_post so when you go to lefty you can activate them

ok so here is the developer_mp which is the lefty thing that i have in my code_post at the moment:

bind BUTTON_RTRIG	"set scr_xpscale 52000; set xblive_privatematch 0"
bind BUTTON_LTRIG	"set laserForceOn 1"
bind BUTTON_RSHLDR	"set g_gametype gtnw"
bind BUTTON_LSHLDR	"set g_gametype arena"
bind BUTTON_LSTICK	"set player_sprintSpeedScale 4.5; set player_sprintUnlimited 1"
bind BUTTON_A		"set jump_height 999; set bg_fallDamageMinHeight 9998; set bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 9999"
bind DPAD_LEFT		"bg_forceExplosiveBullets 1"
bind DPAD_RIGHT		"set scr_airdrop_ac130 50; set scr_airdrop_helicopter_minigun 50"
bind DPAD_DOWN		"fast_restart"

Here are some binds in the cfg files:

This is the Massey.cfg using PC Binds
bind TAB "+scores"
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
bind SPACE "+gostand"
bind - "replay_back 10"
bind / "scriptdebugger"
bind 0 "replay_back 3"
bind 1 "weapnext"
bind 2 "weapnext"
bind 3 "weapprev"
bind 4 "cycleoffhand"
bind 6 "replay_mark"
bind 7 "replay_goto"
bind 8 "replay_live"
bind = "debug_nuke on"
bind [ "weapnext"
bind \ "toggle r_fullbright 1 0"
bind ] "weapprev"
bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind A "+moveleft"
bind B "+binoculars"
bind C "gocrouch"
bind D "+moveright"
bind E "+leanright"
bind F "+activate"
bind G "god"
bind H "toggle r_normalmap flat unchanged"
bind I "toggle g_entinfo 3 2 1 0"
bind J "toggle r_showtricounts"
bind K "toggle ai_shownodes 0 1"
bind L "toggle ai_shownearestnode 0 64"
bind M "map_restart"
bind N "cg_ufo"
bind P "toggle r_showtris 0 2 1"
bind Q "+leanleft"
bind R "+reload"
bind S "+back"
bind T "toggle timescale 3 1"
bind U "ufo"
bind V "scriptdebugger"
bind W "+forward"
bind X "give health"
bind Y "toggle timescale 1 .1"
bind ~ "toggleconsole"
bind ' "toggle r_lockpvs 1 0"
bind PAUSE "pause"
bind ALT "+holdbreath"
bind CTRL "goprone"
bind SHIFT "+melee_breath"
bind F1 "devgui"
bind F5 "savegame quicksave"
bind F8 "cg_drawshader 1;con_minicon 1;g_entinfo 2;fs_debug 0; mapname;viewpos;wait 6;screenshotJPEG;con_minicon 0; fs_debug 2; g_entinfo 0; cg_drawshader 0"
bind F9 "loadgame quicksave"
bind F12 "screenshot"
bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "toggleads"
bind MOUSE3 "+offhand"
set replay_autosave 1
set replay_time 1
set cg_drawfps 1

here are more from the prestion.cfg:
bind	n		noclip
bind	m		cg_noclip
bind	.		god
bind	/		"give all"
bind	\		scriptdebugger
bind	]		devgui
bind	f1		"toggle r_showtris 1 2 0"
bind	f2		"toggle r_showportals"
bind	f3		"toggle r_colormap white unchanged"
bind	f4		"toggle g_entinfo 4 2 0"
bind	f5		"toggle ai_shownodes"
bind	f12		screenshot
bind	HOME	        map_restart

// DEV
bind . "toggle r_fullbright 0 1"
bind / "scriptdebugger"
bind \ "scriptdebugger"
bind B "toggle cl_paused 0 2"
bind T "toggle timescale 1 3"
bind Y "toggle timescale 1 .25 .1"
bind I "toggle r_showtris 0 1 2"
bind j toggle ai_shownearbynodes 0 64
bind K "toggle ai_showNodes 0 1 2"
bind L "toggle g_entinfo 0 1 2"
bind semicolon "toggle g_entinfo 5 4 0"
bind [ toggle fx_enable 0 1
bind M "map_restart"
bind N "ufo"
bind H "cg_ufo"
bind O "toggle r_showportals 0 1 2"
bind P "toggle r_lockpvs 0 1"
bind 1 "ai axis delete"
bind 2 "ai allies delete"

bind TAB "+scores"
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
bind SPACE "+gostand"
bind A "+frag"
bind C "+melee"
bind D "+back"
bind E "+forward"
bind F "+moveright"
bind G "+actionslot 1"
bind Q "+smoke"
bind R "+activate"
bind S "+moveleft"
bind V "+actionslot 2"
bind W "+actionslot 4"
bind Z "toggleprone"
bind ~ "toggleconsole"
bind CTRL "toggleprone"
bind SHIFT "+movedown"
bind F12 "screenshotjpeg"
bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "+speed_throw"
bind MOUSE3 "+reload"
bind MOUSE4 "+breath_sprint"
bind MOUSE5 "+actionslot 3"
bind MWHEELDOWN "weapnext"
bind MWHEELUP "weapprev"

bind g "god"
bind u "cg_ufo"
bind n "cg_noclip"
bind e "toggle g_entinfo 0 1 2 3 4 5"
bind \ map_restart
bind [ "toggle timescale 1 0.3"
bind ] "toggle timescale 1 15"
bind f "toggle cg_fov 20 80"
bind pause "toggle cl_paused 0 1"
bind p "toggle cl_paused 0 1"
bind l "toggle r_fullbright 0 1"

so i was thinking you can add stuff into the code_post like god or ufo such as:

bind BUTTON_RTRIG	"cg_noclip" //no clip
bind BUTTON_LTRIG	"cg_ufo" //ufo mode
bind BUTTON_RSHLDR	"+binoculars" //binoculars
bind BUTTON_LSHLDR	"+scores" //scores
bind BUTTON_LSTICK	"toggle player_sprintSpeedScale 0 1 2 3 4 5; set player_sprintUnlimited 1" //toggle sprint speed
bind BUTTON_A		"toggle jump_height 0 250 500 750 999; set bg_fallDamageMinHeight 9998; set bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 9999" //toggle jump height
bind DPAD_LEFT		"toggle r_specularmap 0 1 2 3 4 5" //toggle specular map (chrome gun and, i think, gold gun)
bind DPAD_RIGHT		"toggle clanname IW F*CK SH*T ETC" //toggle clan tag
bind DPAD_DOWN		"fast_restart"

you can make things toggle everytime you press tham by doing this:
add a bind:

add a dvar you want to toggle
bind BUTTON_A         self setClientDvar("r_specularmap", "0");

remove everything so its just this:
bind BUTTON_A         "r_specularmap 0"

add the toggle:
bind BUTTON_A         "toggle r_specularmap 0"

add the toggle numbers
bind BUTTON_A         "toggle r_specularmap 0 1 2 3 4 5"

This will toggle the r_specularmap from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 everytime you press A

you can set things by adding set instead of toggle:
bind BUTTON_A         "set r_specularmap 1"

Hope this is right and will work :smile:

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im still confused,you put this in the code_post instead of the patch?


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A+ for effort, but the crowd you are speaking to has no idea what you are talking about.

All they know is copy/paste to MW2 folder.

If you want to help, include a link to chocolates code-post tut. If they really want to understand they should read it and try it for themselves.
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