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So, this may seem a bit backwards, seeing as what I'm proposing is that you just mod your Gamertag to give you the previous EE achievements, but wouldn't this work? I mean, if the game checks for the achievements to allow you to have the golden scepter as Richtoffen, wouldn't it simply work if you just modded your GT to have the previous two achievements?

I was thinking this possibly couldn't work if they have a binary value as to whether or not the EE's have been done, but I highly doubt Treyarch would've been planning this from the start (to add in the values, unless they could be retroactively activated through a TU, which'd mean it'd check for the achievements to begin with, I think).

Regardless, my question still stands that wouldn't it be possible to just mod the two EE achievements from Call of the Dead and Shangri-La into your GT which'd allow you to do the Big Bang Theory achievement? (I know you could just mod it as well but then you wouldn't get all 8 perks! :o ), assuming you are Richtoffen in the game?
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