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Big Baller Achievement Strategy (75,000 points)

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: World at War' started by OLine57, Jun 21, 2009 with 0 replies and 3,076 views.

  1. OLine57


    OK guys, I know this is not a glitch, but I came across this strategy for getting the Big Baller achievement, which we all know is a pain in the balls to get. Good luck, hope it helps! Not my vid, credit goes to o0OMorrisO0o.

    Follow the video's strategy in solo play. Basically you just need Juggernog and a decent gun, If you can get Speed Cola as well it is also very useful. The achievement is the TOTAL amount of points you earned throughout a single game, not just the amount you have as your score at a given period of time so dont worry about conserving points, buy anything you can that will help you. Also, the achievement pops as soon as you reach 75k so keep playing until it pops.

    Rounds 1/2 - DO NOT buy a gun. Shoot a zombie 5 times around the waist then knife it. Then when you run out of ammo (middle of round 2) just starting knifing them, it takes two knife hits to kill a zombie in round two. Also, remember to repair windows for more points.

    Rounds 3/4/5/6 - Open the stairs and buy the Thompson off the wall (its directly across from the random box). Go to the entrance to the "Doctors Quarters" but DO NOT open it, turn around and zombies will be coming at you from only two ways, just start headshotting with the Thompson. Repair windows between rounds for more points and just save your points until the Hellhounds come. Go to the "Storage" entrance and camp in the corner for the dogs (The last dog always drops a Max Ammo so you know when it is over) if you dont think you can make it through the dogs with the Thompson buy the shotgun that is on the wall right by "Storage".

    Rounds 7/8/9 - At the end of each round throw a nade at the last zombie and make him a "crawler" you should still be fine with the Thompson, now go around to the Fishing Hut/Storage/Doctors Quarters and hope for Juggernog, if you have enough points buy Speed Cola after you have Juggernog. Take a few spins at the random box (save 1000 points) and try for a Ray Gun, the PPSH/Browning/MG42 are also very good just make sure you have a smaller gun that doesnt slow you down while running but after each round keep trying for that Ray Gun. Get Bouncing Bettie's as well because they help a lot against the dogs.

    Now, open the entrance to Comm Room when you have a nice set of guns but DO NOT open the actual building, its makes it alot harder while doing the strategy in the video due to zombies coming from the building and the dogs also spawn in there. Then just follow the strategy in the video to easily get through the rounds and rack up the points. I should also point out that if Juggernog happens to be in the comm center, you may as well quit and start over because you probably won't make it. Again, credit goes to o0OMorrisO0o.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt68xaW0Tds&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - o0OMorrisO0o's Shi No Numa Strategy (In Depth)[/ame]

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