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Discussion Best guns in Apex Legends Season 12: Ultimate weapon tier list



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Apex Legends boasts two dozen deadly weapons to pick from in Respawn’s battle royale, but which truly are the best guns in Apex Legends? Here’s our Apex Legends weapon tier list to help you be crowned Champion of the Arena in Season 12: Defiance.

You should also get acquainted with our tier system:
  • S-Tier: Must-take weapons
  • A-Tier: Top-tier early, mid, and late
  • B-Tier: Solid picks, are replaceable
  • C-Tier: Roleplayers, never main guns
  • D-Tier: Just avoid these weapons
With that in mind, here is Dexerto’s ultimate Apex Legends weapon tier list for Season 12: Defiance, including which guns you should take every time & which you should leave in the loot bin.

Kraber .50 CAL — Care Package Sniper​

In the sniper category, the Kraber is the clear king.

With the potential to kill in a single shot to the head, this bolt-action sniper does ridiculous damage at pretty much any range, and even if you miss the head, you’ll soften up opponents nicely to allow a teammate to finish them off with ease.

In fact, forget snipers; we’d go so far as to say it’s just the king. Unfortunately, it’s still only available in care packages, but if you’re lucky enough to come across it, take it.

M600 Spitfire — Heavy Machinegun​

Recent Season 9 nerfs did little to slow the Spitfire’s reign of terror in Respawn’s battle royale. Apex Legends players have realized spewing 35 high-rate bullets ⁠— or a whopping 50 with hop-ups ⁠— is pretty damn good.

Now, it’s been shifted to care packages with more buffs.

Where the Spitfire shines is, as mentioned, its huge magazine and steady rate of fire. The machinegun works for players who maybe aren’t the best aimers to a tee: if you missing the mark with your ADS shots, grab this LMG and start hip firing to victory.

R-301 Carbine — Light Assault Rifle​

The R-301 has been an all-rounder since Apex Legends first dropped in February 2019, but for a single short stint out of the meta in Season 2, and nothing’s changed now. The carbine is great at range, up close, and is simple to use.

The Carbine has seen a spike in competitive play recently too due to its solid early and mid-game. Dominate with it early, then keep it as a trusty secondary.

Volt — Care Package SMG​

The Season 6 submachine gun has stormed into the Apex Legends meta at breakneck speed and isn’t slowing down. This weapon has always been one of the best SMGs in Apex Legends, but with its rotation into the Care Package in Season 12, it’s now even deadlier.

The Volt has also gotten a substantial damage increase, as well as a larger magazine size in Season 12.
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