Unsolved BenQ drive isn't opening; causing 1RRoD...


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Few Questions About 360 Drive

Well, first off I wanna say my bad for posting all of my other 360 problems in the tutorials section lol. I didn't realize this was here. Anyways, my BenQ drive won't open. I know this because as soon as I turn on my 360 by clicking the open button, the 360 turns on with the middle/center light flashing. Is there anyway to get my 360 to open this damn drive? lol. It's already flashed, and any 360 that I put it in causes the 1RRoD. :S

Is there any possible fix? Or do I just have to buy a new drive? (from eBay and what not...)

Tank you. :tongue:

Edit: also, a couple more things: is there a difference between a Samsung TS-H943 and a TS-H943A?
Also: My Samsung isn't reading 360 discs. It reads EVERYTHING as a DVD. It has been doing that for a few days. Is there any way to fix that? Is it just a laser problem?
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