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Battlefield Awareness: Corrosion

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: World at War' started by Se7enSins Bot, Jul 14, 2009 with 0 replies and 270 views.

  1. Se7enSins Bot

    Se7enSins Bot Seasoned Member

    [​IMG]A message to our soldiers on the eastern lines?

    Our push into the enemies?? homeland endures! Every field we cross and every town we conquer brings us closer to victory. The Soviets tremble in the shadow of our encroaching army as they flee further into their barren Motherland.

    Intel from HQ has informed us of the Soviet??s feeble attempts to move their war machine deeper into their lands. Their soldiers and engineers have picked up their equipment and supplies and rebuilt their factories in western cities such as Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk in an attempt to safeguard their war industry. They believe that moving their supplies further east will keep them out of our reach, but they underestimate our will.

    Already, our soldiers have infiltrated the outer lying train yards of the Soviet forces. After a successful bombing run, our infantry have entered the train yard to discover what we believe to be a large shipment of Sulfur heading for Soviet factories. Sulfur is used in gunpowder and in the process of vulcanizing rubber, so we believe that this derailed shipment will deal a devastating blow to the Soviet's supply line.

    While occupying the destroyed train yard, our soldiers found that they were not alone. Several Soviet troops have remained to defend their burning pile of rubble. The battle is heated in the close quarters of the wreckage and no one is ever sure in which corner lays the enemy. In the rafters and in the blown out pipes, the enemy lurks in the shadows to gain the upper hand.

    Our soldiers have been successful thus far in holding back the Soviets, but the battle wears thin and our lesser recruits are beginning to complain about the approaching winter. This is why we need you! Soldiers brave enough to bear the cold and face the enemy on his own lands. Drive them back and make them fear our might!


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