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    Better late than never
    • Do not make "spam" posts, this included but not limited to, one word responses, smilies, "k" etc.
    • Flaming is not tolerated, calling someone a "leech" or any other offensive words will result in an infraction.
    • Do not ask for Subscription codes, this includes 48 hour trials, there are plenty of tutorials around to get them free.
    • Do not advertise, this will result in an immediate permanent ban.
    • Do not buy, sell or trade any accounts here.
    • Do not post "warez" here or in any of the sub-forums of the Battlefield Secton
    • Do not take any threads off topic ("Derailing") as this is considered spam(i.e asking for GT's) this is what PM's are for.
    • Saying "Thanks" or "No Problem" is considered spam, if you appreciate something someone has done click the like button.
    • Medal of Honour Threads belong in Misc. Games
    • Asking for License Transfers are forbidden forum wide due to Xbox Marketplace Theft, do not ask for one!
    • And of course, all other site rules apply.
    If you are looking to post videos of Battlefield 3, post them in the Gaming Videos section, this includes Montages, Commentaries etc.

    If you see anyone breaking these rules or posting in the wrong section, please report the post or thread to be dealt with by a staff member.
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Thread Status:
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