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Discussion Battlefield 3 Maps Revealed Part II

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Battlefield Map Reveal II
Another day another set of maps revealed. Now all 9 of the maps that will be released with the game have been revealed and I must say they are looking amazing.

Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar supporting all game types this map is geared towards tight urban combat and is said to be one of the smaller maps.

The map is explained in detail, Grand Bazaar is a tight and enclosed urban map with little room for maneuver, the map is mirrored so both paths are the same no matter which way you attack from allowing for quick familiarity in combat. It is suited to close quarters combat and shotguns are the preferred weapon of choice.

Caspian Border
With a working title of "Forest" ths is the map we all know and have been dying to play on featuring immense vehicular warfare this is one of the maps to look out for. The brief for this map is vehicle warfare in a large valley and i think dice have nailed their brief.

In a close look at the map Caspian border is a more typical Battlefield map with large open spaces for vehicular warfare. There are plenty of high vantage points for snipers balanced out by rolling hills for defense. The distances in this map are typically too large to traverse by foot so vehicles are a must.

Seine Crossing
Seine Crossing the brief for this map is vehicle/infantry combat in downtown Paris. Open roads and tight alleys will make this map stand out its highlights are the river Seine splitting the map and could lead to some cross-river firefights.

In depth look. This map is split into two by the river Seine and features several large roads for vehicles to patrol while infantry can sneak through the tight back alleyways and buildings. The buildings in the map are two or three floors high allowing for players to gain a tactical advantage over the battlefield.

Noshahr Canals
A mixed combat map this map has it all from boats to helicopters with the attackers starting out on a large ship it will make the rise of the valkyries playing in the background feel just right.

This map is set in an industrial harbor and features a mixture of land, vehicle and boat gameplay. Attackers on this map start out on a large ship and must use boats and helicopters to reach the shore.

Kharg Island
Briefed as Amphibious assault this map appears to where most of the boat action in the map will be taking place. Starting in a bottle-neck but opening up this map will have the tight battles and open fields that battlefield is famous for.

This is the second of two maps which feature boat gameplay, however this map is more heavily focused on vehicles with larger distances between objectives. The first base is a bottle necked strong hold but once that is broken down the map opens into a much wider area.

The complete map list is below along with the level designer for each:
  • Caspian Border / Level Designer: Diego Jimenez
  • Damavand Peak / Level Designer: Niklas Åstrand
  • Grand Bazaar / Level Designer: Niklas Åstrand
  • Kharg Island / Level Designer: Inge Jøran Holberg
  • Noshahar Canals / Level Designer: Niklas Åstrand
  • Operation Firestorm / Level Designer: Inge Jøran Holberg
  • Operation Métro / Level Designer: Inge Jøran Holberg
  • Seine Crossing / Level Designer: Diego Jimenez
  • Tehran Highway / Level Designer: Niklas Åstrand
Also for the first reveal which is on the homepage visit
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Omfg i cant wait.

BF3 All the way, Double Rainbow

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I have just finished wiping the jizz off my monitor. This will wipe MW3 all over the floor. I can't WAIT!!!!
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