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backing up a movie

Discussion in 'PC Support Archive' started by Blu3 1ightning, Feb 6, 2010 with 3 replies and 113 views.

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  1. Blu3 1ightning

    Blu3 1ightning Enthusiast

    ok so it has been a while since i have backed up a movie so i pretty much forgot how i used to do it so i need help. ok i have dvd shrink and i opened the video and compressed it down to 4.35gb and i saved it to an .iso and also i saved it as a bunch of video ts files. i burned the .iso as a dvd rom and it didnt work so i tryed burning the ts files as dvd rom and that didnt work either so what am i doing wrong. i have imgburn and nero ultimate or what ever its called. also when i used to do it i remember using dvd flick after dvd shrink, i think it would encode it is why i did that but im not exactly sure and now i cant get it to open the .iso or ts files so please help

  2. Soviet Pro

    Soviet Pro Enthusiast

    Right, as I understand - you need to rip a DVD movie from your DVD to you PC. :rolleyes:

    I can't link you to a Warez forum for obvious reasons - but I've attached the saved page that contains a massive and detailed tutorial on how to get a movie out a DVD, convert it to .avi and sizing it down.

    Enjoy. :thumbup:
  3. 19XX

    19XX Member

    Easiest way is to download a program called "Magic DVDRipper" Then pop in your DVD and select the options you want (very easy) and save it to your PC.

    EDIT: Did I misunderstand your problem?
  4. ChiefJoboo

    ChiefJoboo Enthusiast

    I would suggest iso buster(its free now!) if you're wanting to back up a dvd at full quality, but if you're wanting to save a dual layer dvd onto a dvd+r or something, I have used these programs with success:

    Warning: the links to the programs I have provided I have not scanned with any anti-malware solutions.

    DVD Shrink(free): my #1 go-to dvd backup program, although it cannot backup some protected DVDs.

    DVD Decrypter(free): also a good dvd backup program, I don't remember if I had any dvds i couldn't backup, but I know the last one will.

    DVDFab Decrypter/DVDFab HD Decrypter(free and paid versions): this program does IT ALL, I mean almost everything you would ever want to do with any dvd. the version that I last used decrypted The Dark Knight, the most encrypted dvd I've ever seen.


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