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B00STING 2/2/09

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: WaW Boosting & Matches' started by + Drake +, Feb 2, 2009 with 1 replies and 228 views.

  1. + Drake +

    + Drake + Enthusiast

    I am boosting tonight at approximately 9:10 PM (Eastern Time)

    My GT is II LaZydAiZy II
    I know its kinda complicated but please just boost and dont F*CK around.
    U can add me whenever today i will just be sending invites around that time.
    PEACE :thumbup:

    Heyy sorry guys but there has been a move in the date of this because of some family dificulties so i am moving the date to 2/6/09.
    I will be on basicly all day so send me a message or give me oppinions on when i shouyld start. Thnx guys and sorry for the delay.:biggrin:
  2. pirakid

    pirakid Newbie

    pirakathok7407 send me a message around 5:00 or 6:00 on here!!!!!:thumbup::thumbup: