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I've recently setup Wii2600 on my Homebrewed Wii. I'm looking for help in having the snapshots/cover art display properly on the rom selection screen. The channel forwarder, emulator, and roms load flawlessly, as far as I can tell. Getting the cover art to display in the rom selection screen has been an issue. Anyone have any experience with this? I enabled rom info to be displayed in the options menu. Tried using .png and .jpeg files. Made sure the file name is identical to the rom/bin file. Rom is named Berzerk.bin. Tried naming the image Berzerk.png, Berzerk.jpeg, Berzerk.bin.png, and Berzerk.bin.jpeg. Tried placing these files in the "rom" folder as well as the "snapshots" folder, but neither works. I wonder if this is worth pursuing because I also read somewhere that the images slow the interface down. Anyone have any insight? Thank you.
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