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What's up everbody! :wink:

My name is Onyhx! I am an aspiring, upcoming artist in the community!

Tumblr: onyhx.tumblr.com

Now, my work isn't exactly the greatest you've probably seen, but I will be taking classes coming this September for Graphic Communications.
Since then, I've been learning everything by myself. I rarely, rarely look up tutorials.
I work with Adobe Photoshop CC. I use the Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Medium Tablet.
I can pretty much do anything, and I'm not afraid to try anything.
Like I said, I am no professional at all. When I look at my work I see a lot of potential, but a lot of needed improvement as well.

Please, give me feedback and some constructive criticism. Maybe even some advice!

As always, thank you for the love!
Take care, stay motivated, and much love!

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