AR: The USB Device failed to enumerate

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    I made the controller mod to make an action replay. I connected the controller to a usb cord. It hooks up fine to the computer. I downloaded the driver for it and it works. I then downloaded memory card driver and did teh installation. It doesn't say found new hardware when i plug it in so i know i have all the drivers. When i bring up AR it says "The USB Device failed to enumerate". I take out the memory card and put it back in, same message. I have gone through lots of posts/ tuts. I have done the id vender and that other thing int he action replay drivers folder. the memory card is a microsoft one and teh controller is to. I have done more than one port, switched the memory card in both controller ports. I have gotten two different versions of ar and still nothing. Also the ar is grey like it should but so crappy, cant get it to work.
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    you need to mess with what device the ar driver controlls
    unfortunatly i forget howto but you need to get the usb device and manufactuaer id and put it into the drivers .inf file

    you might google something like "adding devices to drivers" or something

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